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Experimental Investigation of Nonlinear Vibration Isolator with Fluidic Actuators (NLVIFA)

S. Sivakumar1,*, L. Jayakumar2
1 Department of Automobile Engineering, Arunai Engineering College, Tiruvannamalai, 606603, India
2 Department of Mechanical Engineering, Arunai Engineering College, Tiruvannamalai, 606603, India
* Corresponding Author: S. Sivakumar. Email: .


This paper elaborates a nonlinear fluidic low frequency vibration isolator designed with the characteristics of quasi-zero stiffness (QZS). The existing model of QZS vibration isolator enhances amplitude of vibration and attenuating vibration frequencies. This concern with displacement plays a vital role in the performance and instability of oblique spring setup reduces the isolator performance in horizontal non-nominal loads, in this accordance; this paper associates double acting hydraulic cylinder (fluidic actuators in short) in oblique and helical coil spring. An approximate expression of unique analytical relationship between the stiffness of vertical spring and bulk modulus of the fluid is derived for Quasi – Zero Stiffness Non-Linear Vibration Isolator with Fluidic Actuators (NLVIFA in short) system and the force transmissibility is formulated and damping ratio are discussed for characteristic analysis. Modal analysis carried out and compared with analytical results and an experimental prototype is developed and investigated. The performance of the NLVIFA reduces the external embarrassment more at low frequencies and the series of experimental studies showing that the soft nonlinearity causes limitation in the resonant frequency thereupon the isolation will be enhanced and NLVIFA greatly outperform some other type of nonlinear isolators.


Quasi zero stiffness; vibration; nonlinear isolation; fluidic actuator
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