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    Array Shape Estimation Using Partitioned Eigenstructure Method with Sources in Unknown Localizations

    Changgeng Shuai1, 2, Shike Zhang1, 2, Jiaxuan Yang1, 2, Sitong Zhou1, 2
    Sound & Vibration, Vol.52, No.4, pp. 2-5, 2018, DOI:10.32604/sv.2018.03724
    Abstract Advanced array processing approaches require accurate knowledge of the location of individual element in a sensor array. Most array shape estimation methods require the directions of sources. In this paper, an array shape estimation method based on eigen-decomposition is presented. The directions of sources do not need to be considered in advance and optimal array shape is generated through a series of iterations. To further improve the accuracy of this algorithm, a partitioned eigenstructure method is introduced. Numerical simulations using non-partitioned and partitioned method are conducted to verify the performance of the proposed technique. More >


    Dynamic Pressures on Tunnel Roofs due to Vehicle Passages

    James D. Barnes1, Ethan R. Brush1, Mark S. Newmark1, Eric E. Ungar1, *
    Sound & Vibration, Vol.52, No.4, pp. 6-8, 2018, DOI:10.32604/sv.2018.03737
    Abstract Pressure and proximity measurements made in a tunnel indicate that a typical vehicle passage produced on the tunnel roof an initial pressure increase of small magnitude, followed by a sharp and more substantial drop in pressure below atmospheric. The magnitude of the pressure drop was found to increase with smaller clearances between the vehicle top and the tunnel roof, consistent with the Bernoulli relation and the vehicle speed. The dynamic pressures potentially may have significant effects on the vibration and noise environments on the lower floors of “air rights construction” buildings that span highways. More >


    Research on Temperature Field Reconstruction Based on RBF Approximation with Polynomial Reproduction Considering the Refraction Effect of Sound Wave Paths

    Qian Kong1, Genshan Jiang1, 2, *, Yuechao Liu1
    Sound & Vibration, Vol.52, No.4, pp. 9-20, 2018, DOI:10.32604/sv.2018.03749
    Abstract The temperature field distribution directly reflects the combustion condition in a furnace.In this paper, acoustic thermometry to reconstruct temperature distribution is investigated. A method based on radial basis function approximation with polynomial reproduction (RBF-PR) is proposed in order to improve the accuracy and stability of the method based on RBF approximation. In addition, the refraction effect of sound wave paths is considered in the process of reconstruction. The curved lines with refraction effect are numerically calculated by solving differential equations, which show that sonic waves curve towards the zones of higher temperature. The reconstructed performance is validated via numerical simulation… More >


    RETRACTED: A Hybrid Nonlinear Active Noise Control Method Using Chebyshev Nonlinear Filter

    Bin Chen1, *, Shuyue Yu1, Yan Gao2
    Sound & Vibration, Vol.52, No.4, pp. 21-27, 2018, DOI:10.32604/sv.2018.03974
    Abstract Investigations into active noise control (ANC) technique have been conducted with the aim of effective control of the low-frequency noise. In practice, however, the performance of currently available ANC systems degrades due to the effects of nonlinearity in the primary and secondary paths, primary noise and louder speaker. This paper proposes a hybrid control structure of nonlinear ANC system to control the non-stationary noise produced by the rotating machinery on the nonlinear primary path. A fast version of ensemble empirical mode decomposition is used to decompose the non-stationary primary noise into intrinsic mode functions, which are expanded using the second-order… More >

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