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  • Effect of Mechanical Forces on the Behavior of Dental Stem Cells: A Scoping Review of In-Vitro Studies
  • Abstract This article is a scoping review of the studies that assessed the effect of mechanical forces on the behavior of dental stem cells (DSCs). PubMed and Scopus searches were done for in-vitro studies evaluating the effect of tension, hydrostatic pressure (i.e., the pressure applied through an incompressible fluid), compression, simulated microgravity, and vibration on DSCs. The following factors were analyzed: osteogenic/odontogenic differentiation, proliferation, adhesion and migration. Articles were reviewed according to the Preferred Reporting Items for Systematic Reviews extension for scoping reviews (PRISMA-ScR) guideline. Included studies were evaluated based on the modified Consolidated Standards of Reporting Trials (CONSORT). A total…
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  • Study on the Effect of PNF Method on the Flexibility and Strength Quality of Stretching Muscles of Shoulder Joints of Swimmers
  • Abstract In the process of swimming, the shoulder joint will be damaged when the arm is stroking. To reduce the injury of shoulder joints and improve the speed of stroke, it is necessary to train the flexibility of shoulder joints. This paper briefly introduced the concept of shoulder joint and flexibility and then explained the traditional stretching training method and proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation (PNF) stretching method. Then, taking 20 college team swimmers of Yunnan University as the subjects, the comparative experiment of the traditional and PNF stretching methods was carried out. The results showed that the shoulder rotation index of the…
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  • Motion Features of Legs in Volleyball Block Jump Based on Biomechanical Analysis
  • Abstract Blocking technology is one of the most important means to obtain score in volleyball, which has a great influence on the victory of the game. In this study, the vertical jump was analyzed to understand the movement characteristics of legs during training time. The kinematics and dynamics data of the legs of 10 volleyball players after training for 0 h, 0.5 h, 1 h and 2 h were studied by using an infrared light point motion capture system and force measuring platform. The results showed that the joint angles of the players who had 1 h and 2 h of…
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  • Determination of Cup to Disc Ratio Using Unsupervised Machine Learning Techniques for Glaucoma Detection
  • Abstract The cup nerve head, optic cup, optic disc ratio and neural rim configuration are observed as important for detecting glaucoma at an early stage in clinical practice. The main clinical indicator of glaucoma optic cup to disc ratio is currently determined manually by limiting the mass screening was potential. This paper proposes the following methods for an automatic cup to disc ratio determination. In the first part of the work, fundus image of the optic disc region is considered. Clustering means K is used automatically to extract the optic disc whereas K-value is automatically selected by algorithm called hill climbing.…
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  • Biomechanical Properties of Multi-Swing and Single-Swing Rope Skipping Actions
  • Abstract Rope skipping is popular as it is easy to learn; thus, it has developed into a competitive sport. The research on the biomechanical properties of rope skipping can effectively improve training efficiency and reduce injury probability. This paper briefly introduced the characteristics of single-swing and multi-swing techniques in competitive rope skipping, selected ten second-grade athletes as the subjects to test the single-swing and triple-swing rope skipping, and tested the biomechanical properties in the process of rope skipping. The results showed that the variation range of the lower limb joint angle in the triple-swing rope skipping was larger than that in…
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  • Characteristics of Surface Electromyography of Forehand Smash of Badminton Players
  • Abstract To understand the characteristics of the forehand smash of badminton player and improve their performance, this study took eight badminton players as the subject, obtained the kinematics data through the Qualisys infrared high-speed camera, obtained the electromyography (EMG) data through the ME-6000 surface EMG test system, and compared and analyzed their forehand smash action. The results showed that the greater the angle and speed of different joints in the forehand smash was, the greater the speed and strength of hitting the ball was; the discharge amount of biceps brachii (BB) was the smallest, followed by triceps brachii (TB), flexor carpi…
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  • Impact of Temperature on Upper Respiratory Tract Infections in Lanzhou Based on the Distributed Lag Model
  • Abstract The study mainly analyzed the relationship between temperature and the upper respiratory tract infections (URI) in Lanzhou. We collected the daily URI and meteorological data from 2010 to 2015. A distributed lag non-linear model was used to examine the relationship and potential effects of different temperatures and different lag days on the morbidity of URI. The results showed that the morbidity of URI was significantly related to the meteorological factors, and the peak of the onset of the disease usually occurred between November and February the next year. The correlation analysis was carried out between meteorological factors and URI cases,…
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  • Cyclic Stretch Induces Inflammatory Cytokines via the Oxidative Stress and NF-ΚB Pathways Activation in Human Keratoconic Fibroblasts
  • Abstract The cornea is a load-bearing tissue. Lower biomechanical properties in the local tissue of keratoconic cornea evoke mechanical stress increase. Inflammatory cytokines have been shown to be over-expressed in patients with keratoconus. However, how mechanical stimuli are involved in the production of inflammatory cytokines in keratoconus remains unclear. The objective of the study is to determine the role of mechanical stretch in the regulation of inflammatory cytokines and the underlying mechanisms in keratoconus. Human keratoconic fibroblasts (hKCFs) were subjected to 12% cyclic mechanical stretch at 0.1 Hz or in static conditions as controls. N-acetyl cysteine (NAC) and pyrrolidine dithiocarbamate and…
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  • Computational Fluid Dynamics Simulations at Micro-Scale Stenosis for Microfluidic Thrombosis Model Characterization
  • Abstract Platelet aggregation plays a central role in pathological thrombosis, preventing healthy physiological blood flow within the circulatory system. For decades, it was believed that platelet aggregation was primarily driven by soluble agonists such as thrombin, adenosine diphosphate and thromboxane A2. However, recent experimental findings have unveiled an intriguing but complementary biomechanical mechanism—the shear rate gradients generated from flow disturbance occurring at sites of blood vessel narrowing, otherwise known as stenosis, may rapidly trigger platelet recruitment and subsequent aggregation. In our Nature Materials 2019 paper [1], we employed microfluidic devices which incorporated micro-scale stenoses to elucidate the molecular insights underlying the…
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