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This Journal publishes papers related to all aspects of Internet of Things, from latest advance to review articles. Articles explore IoT system architecture, IoT enabling technologies, IoT communication and networking protocols such as network coding, and IoT services and applications. Investigations related to topical areas of research are especially encouraged, including IoT demands, impacts, and implications on sensors technologies, big data management, and future design for various IoT use cases, such as smart cities, smart environment, smart homes, etc.

  • Study on Optimization of Urban Rail Train Operation Control Curve Based on Improved Multi-Objective Genetic Algorithm
  • Abstract A multi-objective improved genetic algorithm is constructed to solve the train operation simulation model of urban rail train and find the optimal operation curve. In the train control system, the conversion point of operating mode is the basic of gene encoding and the chromosome composed of multiple genes represents a control scheme, and the initial population can be formed by the way. The fitness function can be designed by the design requirements of the train control stop error, time error and energy consumption. the effectiveness of new individual can be ensured by checking the validity of the original individual when… More
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  • An Overview of the Miniaturization and Endurance for Wearable Devices
  • Abstract The miniaturization and endurance of wearable devices have been the research direction for a long time. With the development of nanotechnology and the emergence of microelectronics products, people have explored many new strategies that may be applied to wearable devices. In this overview, we will summarize the recent research of wearable devices in these two directions, and summarize some available related technologies. More
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  • Review of Internet of Things in Different Sectors: Recent Advances, Technologies, and Challenges
  • Abstract Human beings and their activities are now connected through Internet of Things (IoT) with the evolution of wireless communication technologies. IoT is becoming popular and its usage is immensely increasing among various sectors. In this research paper, a comprehensive review has been conducted by considering recent and important literature review on IoT applications being operated in three major sectors. The three sectors studied are health, sports and transportation and logistics. Paper explored that with the help of IoT techniques, different miniature sized devices are invented which can record various parameters of human body, wearables devices have been invented which are… More
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  • A Novel Integrated Machine & Business Intelligence Framework for Sensor Data Analysis
  • Abstract Increased smart devices in various industries are creating numerous sensors in each of the equipment prompting the need for methods and models for sensor data. Current research proposes a systematic approach to analyze the data generated from sensors attached to industrial equipment. The methodology involves data cleaning, preprocessing, basics statistics, outlier, and anomaly detection. Present study presents the prediction of RUL by using various Machine Learning models like Regression, Polynomial Regression, Random Forest, Decision Tree, XG Boost. Hyper Parameter Optimization is performed to find the optimal parameters for each variable. In each of the model for RUL prediction RMSE, MAE… More
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