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Journal of New Media (JNM) aims to provide a high quality and timely forum for researchers, engineers whose research interests focus on digital multimedia processing to share their state-of-the-art achievements, to learn the multimedia processing developments.

  • A Small Simulated Logistics Transfer Robot Car Structure Design
  • Abstract As a new product of the development of modern science and technology, the research and development of logistics robot has become the focus of social attention. Robot sorting and handling is the designated project of Jiangsu University Robot Competition. According to the requirements of the competition, this paper designs a kind of logistics robot trolley which can identify and grab materials according to a given path and transport them to a predetermined location. The mechanical structure design, driving motor selection and mechanical checking calculation of the car are mainly completed. According to the later experiments, the results show that the… More
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  • A PageRank-Based WeChat User Impact Assessment Algorithm
  • Abstract In recent years, the mobile Internet has developed rapidly, and the network social platform has emerged as the times require, and more people make friends, chat and share dynamics through the network social platform. The network social platform is the virtual embodiment of the social network, each user represents a node in the directed graph of the social network. As the most popular online social platform in China, WeChat has developed rapidly in recent years. Large user groups, powerful mobile payment capabilities, and massive amounts of data have brought great influence to it. At present, the research on WeChat network… More
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  • Social Network Rumor Recognition Based on Enhanced Naive Bayes
  • Abstract In recent years, with the increasing popularity of social networks, rumors have become more common. At present, the solution to rumors in social networks is mainly through media censorship and manual reporting, but this method requires a lot of manpower and material resources, and the cost is relatively high. Therefore, research on the characteristics of rumors and automatic identification and classification of network message text is of great significance. This paper uses the Naive Bayes algorithm combined with Laplacian smoothing to identify rumors in social network texts. The first is to segment the text and remove the stop words after… More
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  • A Visual pH Indicator through Purple Cabbage Dye for Freshness Test of Venison
  • Abstract A visual pH indicator through purple cabbage dye is selected to test the freshness of venison. Chitosan and cassava starch of an equal weight were used to prepare the film-forming matrix of the indicator. The crystallization of natural purple cabbage dyes with a weight ratio of 5%, 10%, 20% and 40% were added to the matrix, respectively. The pH color test showed that the natural purple cabbage lyophilized powder with a weight ratio of 40% was the best for the pH indicator, which was used to test the freshness of venison stored at 4℃. The total bacterial count, volatile basic… More
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