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Cancer Immunotherapy

The past decade has witnessed the rapid development of immunotherapy against cancer. Versatile therapeutic approaches have been developed to modulate the innate/adaptive immunity and consequently activate the immune system to recognize and kill the cancer cells. Despite its great promise, antitumor immunotherapy still faces multiple challenges for clinical translation. For instance, the immunosuppressive tumor microenvironment help the cancer cell evade or suppress the immuneresponse. In addition, immunotherapy may also elicit severe side effects. 

This Special Issue aims to highlight recent advances in the development of cancer immunotherapy. We highly encourage the eminent scientists, as well as emerging young scientists, in the field of cancer immunotherapy to share their recent research progress or expert opinions in this Special Issue. We welcome contributions in the form of perspectives, reviews or original research articles on the topics of cancer immunotherapy in the following fields but not limited to:


l   PD-1/PD-L1

l   Epigenetics in immunotherapy

l   Nanotechnology-assisted immunotherapy

l   Tumor vaccine

l   Immunotherapy resistance

l   Approaches for predicting responses to immunotherapy

l   Clinical translation of immunotherapy

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