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Nonlinear Vibration Analysis of Seismic-isolation Laminated Rubber Considering Bi-directional Restoring Force Model

Ayumi Takahashi1,*, Tomoyuki Tsuchiya2, Keiichi Motoyama3, Kazuhito Misaji1
1College of Industrial Technology, Nihon University, 1-2-1 Izumi-cho, Narashino, Chiba, 275-8575, Japan.
2 Graduate school of Industrial Technology, 1-2-1 Izumi-cho, Narashino, Chiba, 275-8575, Japan
3 Mississippi University, Mississippi State, MS 39762, USA.
* Corresponding Author: Ayumi Takahashi. Email: .


The seismic-isolation laminated rubber is used as a means of suppressing damage to the structures caused by an earthquake. To design the seismically isolated structure, it is important to calculate the dynamic response reflecting the rubbers characteristics accurately. The authors have applied the nonlinear vibration analysis method using the restoring force model of the power function type to the seismic response analysis of seismic isolation rubber in horizontal unidirectional [1-3]. However, when seismic isolation laminated rubber is loaded in horizontal bi-direction, the seismic isolation laminated rubber is torsional deformed and breaks with less force than when loaded in unidirectional. It is necessary to extend the model which has been used for unidirectional analysis to the model which can be analyzed in bi-direction. As a previous study, Igarashi applied the MSS (Multiple Shear Springs) model, which is a physical model capable of horizontal bi-direction analysis, to the bilinear model and Park-Wen model, which are nonlinear vibration analysis methods [4]. The validity of the method was verified by comparing the calculated values of the vibration response analysis in the bi-direction with the measured values. In this study, we applied the MSS model to the restoring force model of power function type which can accurately express the restoring force characteristics of seismic isolation laminated rubber. The proposed model was discussed in comparison with the calculated value of the modified bilinear method using the MSS model.


Nonlinear vibration, seismic response analysis, seismic isolation laminated rubber
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