Aims & Scope

Intelligent Automation & Soft Computing

ISSN: 1079-8587 (Print)

ISSN: 2326-005X (Online)

An International Journal seeks to provide a common forum for the dissemination of accurate results about the world of intelligent automation, artificial intelligence, computer science, control, intelligent data science, modeling and systems engineering. It is intended that the articles published in the journal will encompass both the short and the long term effects of soft computing and other related fields such as robotics, control, computer, vision, speech recognition, pattern recognition, data mining, big data, data analytics, machine intelligence, cyber security and deep learning. It further hopes it will address the existing and emerging relationships between automation, systems engineering, system of systems engineering and soft computing. The journal will publish original and survey papers on artificial intelligence, intelligent automation and computer engineering with an emphasis on current and potential applications of soft computing. It will have a broad interest in all engineering disciplines, computer science, and related technological fields such as medicine, biology operations research, technology management, agriculture and information technology. Topics to be considered include but not limited to:
Intelligent Automation: Robotics, industrial inspection, design automation and rapid prototyping, scheduling, process control and automation, autonomous systems, computer integrated manufacturing, multi-agent systems, intelligent system of systems, nanotechnology, stochastic learning automation, autonomous control, cyber-physical (system of systems) systems, applications in space- and earth-bound systems.
Soft Computing: Neural networks, neuro computing, fuzzy logic, genetic algorithms, genetic programming, AI and expert systems, probabilistic reasoning, machine learning, learning control, fuzzy logic control, distributed intelligence, image processing and self-organizing systems, data mining, big data management, cyber security, clustering, and deep learning.

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