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Intelligent Supercomputing Architectures and Algorithms for IoT

Submission Deadline: 30 March 2021 (closed)


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Intelligent supercomputing architecture for IoT.
Machine learning approaches for computing-efficient algorithms for IoT.
AI-based supercomputing modeling and analysis IoT.
Smart algorithm design and deployments for IoT.
Quality of service in smart IoT.
Energy-efficient supercomputing algorithms for IoT applications.
AI-based evolutionary algorithms for IoT applications.
Security, Privacy, and Trust in supercomputing models for IoT.
Anomaly detection in supercomputing framework for IoT.
Intelligent algorithm designs and implementations for smart IoT.
Big data analytics using supercomputing for IoT applications.
Intelligent supercomputing architecture for IoT Cloud.
Experimental test-beds and results for AI-based supercomputing architecture.
Framework designs for intelligent supercomputing algorithms for IoT.

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